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[1972] Eagles - Eagles

01-Take It Easy
02-Witchy Woman
03-Chug All Night
04-Most Of Us Are Sad
06-Train Leaves Here This Morning
07-Take The Devil
09-Peaceful Easy Feeling
11-Get You In The Mood [Digital 45]

[1973] Eagles - Desperado

03-Out Of Control
04-Tequila Sunrise
06-Certain Kind Of Fool
07-Doolin-Dalton (Instr.)
08-Outlaw Man
09-Saturday Night
10-Bitter Creek
11 Doolin-Dalton-Desperado (Reprise)

[1973] Eagles - Live At BBC Theatre London

01-Train Leaves Here This Morning
02-Saturday Night
03-Peaceful Easy Feeling
04-Certain Kind of Fool
06-Witchy Woman
07-Take it Easy
08-Out Of Control

[1974] Eagles - On The Border

01-Already Gone
02-You Never Cry Like A Lover
03-Midnight Flyer
04-My Man
05-On The Border
06-James Dean
07-Ol' 55
08-Is It True
09-Good Day In Hell
10-The Best Of My Love

[1975] Eagles - One Of These Nights

01-One Of These Nights
02-Too Many Hands
03-Hollywood Waltz
04-Journey Of The Sorcerer
05-Lyin' Eyes
06-Take It To The Limit
08-After The Thrill Is Gone
09-I Wish You Peace

[1976] Eagles - Hotel California

01-Hotel California
02-New Kid In Town
03-Life In The Fast Lane
04-Wasted Time
05-Wasted Time (Reprise)
06-Victim Of Love
07-Pretty Maids All In A Row
08-Try And Love Again
09-The Last Resort

[1979] Eagles - The Long Run

01-The Long Run
02-I Can't Tell You Why
03-In The City
04-The Disco Strangler
05-King Of Hollywood
06-Heartache Tonight
07-Those Shoes
08-Teenage Jail
09-The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks
10-The Sad Cafe

[1980] Eagles - Live

01-Hotel California
02-Heartache Tonight
03-I Can't Tell You Why04 The Long Run
04-The Long Run
05-New Kid in Town
06-Life's Been Good
07-Seven Bridges Road
08-Wasted Time
09-Take It to the Limit
10-Doolin-Dalton (Reprise II)
12-Saturday Night
13-All Night Long
14-Life in the Fast Lane
15-Take it Easy

[1994] Eagles - Hell Freezes Over

01-Get Over It
02-Love Will Keep Us Alive
03-The Girl from Yesterday
04-Learn to Be Still
05-Tequila Sunrise
06-Hotel California
07-Wasted Time
08-Pretty Maids All in a Row
09-I Can't Tell You Why
10-New York Minute
11-The Last Resort
12-Take It Easy
13-In the City
14-Life in the Fast Lane
16-Get Over It
17-Love Will Keep Us Alive
18-The Girl from Yesterday
19-Learn to Be Still
20-Help Me Through the Night
21-The Heart of the Matter

[2000] Eagles - Selected Works CD4 The Milenium Concert

01-Hotel California
02-Victim Of Love
03-Peaceful Easy Feeling
04-Please Come Home For Christmas
05-Ol' 55
06-Take It To The Limit
07-Those Shoes
08-Funky New Year
09-Dirty Laundry
10-Funk 49
11-All She Wants To Do Is Dance
12-The Best Of My Love

[2005] Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour Live In Melbourne

01-The Long Run
02-New Kid In Town
03-Wasted Time
04-Wasted Time Reprise-Peaceful Easy Feeling
05-I Can't Tell You Why
06-One of These Nights
07-One Day At A Time
08-Lyin' Eyes
09-Boys Of Summer
10-In The City
11-Already Gone
12-Tequila Sunrise
13-Love Will Keep Us Alive
14-No More Cloudy Days
15-Hole In the World
16-Take It To The Limit
17-You Belong To The City
18-Walk Away
19-Sunset Grill
20-Life's Been Good
21-Dirty Laundry
22-Funk #49
23-Heartache Tonight
24-Life In The Fast Lane
25-Hotel California
26-Rocky Mountain Way
27-All She Wants To Do Is Dance
28-Take It Easy

[2007] Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden

01-No More Walks In The Wood
02-How Long
03-Busy Being Fabulous
04-What Do I Do With My Heart
05-Guillty Of The Crime
06-I Don't Want To Hear Any More
07-Waiting In The Weeds
08-No More Cloudy Days
09-Fast Company
10-Do Something
11-You Are Not Alone
12-Long Road Out Of Eden
13-I Dreamed There Was No War
15-Frail Grasp On The Big Picture
16-Last Good Time In Town
17-I Love To Watch a Woman Dance
18-Business As Usual
19-Center Of The Universe
20-It's Your World Now
21-Hole In The World
22-Please Come Home For Christmas
23-Funky New Year



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