Windows10 nVIDIA Edition [2014] [ISO-DVD5] [X32 Bits]

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 TAMAÑO: 2,84 GiB (ISO - DVD5)

 Version modificada de windows 10 Technical edition con mejoras al   registro y con modificaciones visuales haciendo un sistema unico a cargo   de Dilshad Sys
 Tema Nvidia Edition
 Iconos del sistema
 Sonidos del sistema
 - New Eye catching themes
 - New icon sets
 - New Sound schemes
 - New Registry settings
 - Hang time ratio improved
 - Added best shortcut styles
 - Improved application interface
 - Added RUN on start menu
 - Add change theme
 - Add change wallpaper
 - Add desktop icon settings
 - Advanced user accounting
 - Clear type view
 - Copy to Move to on right click
 - Disable Autorun Drive
 - Disable UAC
 - Disable Tool Tips
 - Disable Hibernate
 - Don’t mark new applications
 - On Right Click Freeware Sys
 - Enable AVALON effects
 - Enable Clear Type Tuning
 - Enable DVD in media player
 - Enable Glass Effect(WDM) without graphics card
 - Enable MP3 Encoding on right click
 - Enable slow motion windows effects
 - Enable status bar in notepad
 - Get rid of windows mail splash
 - Give your self permission to modify all
 - Grant full admin control
 - DiLshad Sys Site direct link from right click
 - Removed Action center Icon
 - Windows speed tweaking
 - Wait to kill service - 2000
 - Low level hooks time out - 1000
 - Hang application time out - 1000
 - Menu show delay - 0
 - No low disk space warning
 - Process Schedule 1st Program
 - Mouse Speed Increased
 - Hang Ratio Decreased
 - Fast Shut Down And Login
 - Down Power After Shut Down
 - Touch Screen Feature Added
 - Grant Admin control on Right Click
 - Add Admin Tools on Desktop Context Menu
 - Add manage on Desktop Context Menu
 - Add Move to Folder on Desktop Context Menu
 - Add Copy To Folder on Desktop Context Menu
 - Add Task Manager on Desktop Context Menu
 - Add Take Ownship on Desktop Context Menu
 - Add Register and Unregister to .dll OCX Context Menu
 - 500ms Delay Aero
 - Larger Taskbar Previews
 - Removed Action center icon
 - small Taskbar Icon
 - Removed mail Splash
 - Detailed Shut Down And Login
 - Blocked Negative DNS Entery
 - turn Off System Beep
 - Turn off low Disk
 Google talk
 Internet Download Manager
 Smart PC Locker
 The KMPlayer
 - Ningun componente eliminado
 -2 GHz or faster processor
 - Recommended 1GB RAM
 Hard disk space
 - 20 GB
 Media drive
 -DVD/CD authoring requires a compatible optical drive
 Video card
 -DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDM 1.0 or later driver

   · Procesador de 32 bits o 64 bits de 1 GHz
  · 1 GB de memoria RAM
  · 16 GB de espacio libre en el disco duro
  · Tarjeta de vídeo compatible con el dispositivo de gráficos DirectX 9 con 128 MB de memoria (para Windows Aero)
  · Unidad DVD-R/W
  · Conexión a Internet

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